Nominal error when when program begins to run

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  • Nominal error when when program begins to run

    Hi everyone, I have just got upgraded from 2017R1 to 2019R2 , I created my program offline and it ran good offline however when I tried running the program online a prompt keep coming up when I tried to take actual hits on the part, NOMINAL CANNOT BE READ OF MODEL. On my off line license I do get a warning that my graphic card need to be upgraded. Is there any other reason than the graphic card is causing the problem?

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    Are you using a STEP file? If so, try going to an IGES. Sometimes, when using a STEP, the vectors could be flipped. You can see this when running dry off-line. When the probe takes a hit, it want to sink into the model.


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      I am using STEP file and the hits r on the surface of the model when it is run off line


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        Manual hits or auto hits?


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          Manual hits


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            I wouldn’t think the software would be reading nominal from a model in a manual hit.

            Can you try this? Save a test copy of your program in a different directory, close the program, navigate to the directory, delete the .CAD file, open the program (without CAD), and try again?

            If you still get the error, can you post your code up to the error and a snap of the error message?


            • TheHermit
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              It should read the hit Jacob. If you've programmed to use a manual alignment, that would require you to use manual hits. If you're using a read point to kick it off, then you wouldn't need to take any manual hits.

            • JacobCheverie
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              TheHermit The software should not pull any nominal values from a CAD model during manual probing. The CAD is there as a convenience to users. The program itself should contain correct nominal values, especially for basic features that make up an initial alignment.

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            Ok thank you , it will be done tomorrow


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              Did you transform your model first, to put it in the correct orientation? You will get that error with a manual hit if pcdmis doesn't know where your model is to begin with. It is possible to construct the alignment without first transforming the model, but it's more complicated.

              I don't mean to insult you, I have no idea what you know or don't know, so don't be offended by this. You can check easily by putting your cursor at the very top of the program (or at the bottom and then selecting the STARTUP alignment) . View it from yminus, and see if it matches the way you have it on the table. If it matches the way you have it on the table, then that's not the problem. If it doesn't match, it is. Good news is that if it's not correct, you can correct it without starting over.


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                Also, check what the "find nominals" value is set to and if "find noms" is activated.
                PC-DMIS CAD++ 2o19 R1 SP11


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