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  • Harware denifition

    I restored my user in the setting editor now it does not let me insert the probes, what can i do? i have Pc Dmis 2016 and CMM Xcel With Sharpe 32 controller

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    Check that the path setting for the probes is correct.
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    • neil.challinor
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      +1 to what VPT says.

      Go to EDIT>PREFERENCES>SET SEARCHPATH and check that the probe directory is set correctly.

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    The function of "Reset User" is to reset PC DMIS to factory default software settings. The behavior you're describing is normal.

    Now that you've done this you'll have to repair the search path.

    In the future, if you're working in settings editor & want to avoid this from happening, you can back up your settings and then import them later once you're done working with settings editor.
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      What's this big red button do? I think I'll push it.

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      *that was easy* *cmm crashes*

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