Need to Construct a Perpendicular Line of an Existing Centerline

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  • Need to Construct a Perpendicular Line of an Existing Centerline

    I have 2 points from to diameters that I used to construct a centerline (datum B) for rotating my alignment to. PNT1 is XY 0,0 and PNT2 is XY 0,2 inches. Pretty simple.

    I have 4 planes, 2 of those planes are parallel to the centerline and the other 2 planes are perpendicular to the centerline. Each plane has a 0.250" distance from centerline to the plane. However my perpendicular planes cannot be dimensioned to the centerline only by a diameter that I used to create the centerline.

    How can I construct a line that is perpendicular to my centerline without probing other features?
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    There are many ways...
    If you rotate X along the center line, then change the work plane to Y and construct a line/alignment.
    You can also ASSIGN/V1=CROSS(LN10IJK,ALIGN.ZAXIS) and use V1.I,V1.J and V1.K as vector in a generic line, and PNT1.XYZ as coordinates.
    You shuld be able to construct a perp line, but I'm not at the cmm, I don't remember the possibilities...


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      Option 1 - Construct a plane perp to your centerline, through the centerpoint.

      Option 2 - Construct a plane, choose "Alignment" and hit Create. Change the alignment plane in the newly created plane to X-PLUS.
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