problem with parts of the program getting deleted!

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  • problem with parts of the program getting deleted!

    sometimes when i click in the program area to change a theoretical value or left click in there just to move my cursor it will glitch and delete random stuff around where my cursor is! i wouldnt think im the only one. anybody else having this issue?

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    Maybe somebody setup up a hot key for the Delete.

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      its a glitch. I'm just using the mouse moving the cursor going through the program fixing things.


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        im using 2020r2. im updating it now to see if that fixes it.


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          I had this happen to me the other day, I clicked in the program and I had a random error due to it trying to make a digital PDF file and could not find a path to save it, so i had to clear it like 8 times and when it finally cleared it was like i was holding down the back space and it was just erasing a bunch of code, so i clicked a different part of the code trying to get it to stop, but it just started to delete that are of the code that i had clicked. not sure if this is the same issue but it would not stop doing this and i had to quite the program and reboot PC-DMIS for it to finally stop doing this, but your problem sounds a little more serious.


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