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  • Machine not responding old Excel

    I've got an old Excel cmm and getting a machine not responding error when starting software. I've checked the connections and turned off the controller, rebooted computer.
    The usb key is glowing red? Any idea why the error?

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    If, by the USB, you mean the license dongle (looks like a green or purple USB stick) then glowing red is normal and indicates that it's active. How long are you waiting after re-starting the controller before trying to launch PC-Dmis? You usually have to wait a few minutes whilst the controller boots before starting PC-Dmis or you will see connection errors. Depending on the style of jogbox your machine has, there is usually some indication of when everything is ready.
    Neil Challinor
    PC-DMIS Product Owner

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      Are you able to get a Machine start properly? After you reboot the controller. and wait a few minutes, do you hear the drives engage when you press the machine start button?


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        I got it working, I took the cover off the controller and there was a reset button on one of the boards I pushed that and it works now.
        I couldn't remember if red was the normal color on the usb key.
        Yes the machine motors started fine and machine moved but wouldn't home.
        thanks for the replies.


        • KIRBSTER269
          KIRBSTER269 commented
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          Is it possible you could take a picture of the reset button for future reference for others?

        • Randy P
          Randy P commented
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          sorry it's put back together now.

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