Hexagon 4-5-4 SF homing issue.

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  • Hexagon 4-5-4 SF homing issue.

    CMM is homing about 2.5 inches off in X+. I cleaned the scale & rehomed & same thing. Whats going on here?? I know a operator got the probe stuck on a part. Is it possible he tried to move the probe off manually & threw the zero off?

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    Is your 454 in the shop like mine? Same thing happened to me. Turned out the x axis scale had a scuff mark causing the CMM to home in a different position. It was about 4inches back. They ended up replacing the scale. I had an active hardware agreement.

    restarting the CMM and cleaning of the scales made no difference. Basically the CMM skips over the scuff mark causing it the think it home but it’s physically in a different spot. Said the cause was just being exposed to the shop environment.


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