Vibration isolation? Floor or Isolation System.

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  • Vibration isolation? Floor or Isolation System.

    We failed the vibration test for the floor where my CMM will be. B&S told us that it would still fail if we hired someone to tear out the floor and dig a pit and put in an Isolated Floor, and that we need to purchase a Vibration System. Has anyone dealt with this issue?
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    I did read the last Tread about Vibrations. Anything else to add?
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      I also have a Fabreeka Anti-Vibration system under my IMS Merlin 1100x2250x1000. My lab is located about 20 ft. from our pressroom & it works very well.

      Early on we had 3 incidents with the bladders rupturing. Each time Fabreeka responded in decent time. They replumbed the whole system on the third call & I haven't had any problems since. (Circa 2000-2001)

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