4.2 Errant 100-200mm move explained.

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  • 4.2 Errant 100-200mm move explained.


    We have now identified the problem that was first reported here on the forum as the “large 100 to 200mm” move. The scope of the problem seems to be limited to outside (stud) AutoCircles, with sample hits, when there is no pre (before or both) avoidance (auto) move. The problem is exasperated by how far the stud is from the previous feature. (i.e. if the previous feature is very far away, you will have a large errant move. If it’s close to the feature, then it will be a small errant move). The problem is barely visible offline as a very quick blink in the pathlines when editing the feature. The problem was difficult to see because of it’s limited scope, and that it wasn’t easily visible in the green pathlines. A workaround is simply create a (before/both) auto (avoidance) move of any distance. “0” works fine. Special thanks to Firehaus for all his help in identifying the issue. The code fix for this is very simple, and in fact it had already been done in the beta ftp://ftp.wilcoxassoc.com/v42beta/ (after 12/13/06) during a code-cleaning review. (It wasn’t known to be a problem at that time) As for when the official fix will become available, I have no control over that and could not venture a guess. I will be looking at some of the other feature-related issues mentioned in the “4.2 Surprises” thread as well. Thanks to everyone on the forum for the support and understanding.

    Best regards,

    P.S. If you were ever to talk to Tech Support about this issue, the report ID is 248389
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    Good news all. I've just been informed that 4.2 has been rebuilt specifically for this fix. ftp://ftp.wilcoxassoc.com/v42all.zip Looking at the dates, etc. I don't believe the smaller, single-language versions in the subdirectory have been updated. -Glenn
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