2020 R1 Auto Calibrate Error

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  • 2020 R1 Auto Calibrate Error

    Hi everybody,

    Ran into a little snag today with the auto calibrate function. I have a parameter set with 29 tip angles I use to calibrate my 3x30 styli with. Everything runs flawlessly through collision detection when I go through the probe utility box. Now that I am trying to create a program with the auto calibrate function it fails on all the angles when it goes through the collision detection. Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated.

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    Can you share the code, or attach the routine here?

    Which build # or service pack # are you using? I ask because there were a couple of fixes recently related to AutoCalibrate and COllision Detection.
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      Hi Don,

      I'm running CAD++ 2020 R1 service pack 2. In the attached is the code.
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        Thank you for the reply. I wonder if you can update to the latest, SP10 for 2020 R1? In SP7 we fixed a problem which sounds just like this. I looked at your code. I think you can try a quick test, and switch the MODE/MANUAL at the start of your routine to MODE/DCC. See if that resolves your issue, but be sure to start off slowly.


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          Thanks for the catch Don! Changing the mode to DCC alleviated the issue. Totally missed that on my part.


          • Don Ruggieri
            Don Ruggieri commented
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            Still, it should work even in Manual mode, and that was was applied in the SP as I mentioned. With that, you can still run it in Manual mode.

          • Hc1991
            Hc1991 commented
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            Thanks again. I will go ahead and update the SP to the latest release. One last question for you if you have time. Is there anyway to simulate the probe calibration in offline mode? The actual drive path? In my code I sort of guessed with some move increments to get the probe away from the table before it rotates back to A0B0 to load the next probe file. If there is you can simply say yes and I'll start a new thread. If not I'll figure out some way around it.

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