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    Hello , I have issue trying to save my reports PDF file into a location of my choice. I click browse choose location and then when I click save it changes to a output file.I have not touched printer settings and it was working fine yesterday. I think it maybe a update that is causing issue Im not sure anyone experiencing the same issue.
    What i can say is if i change the file type from PDF to plain txt file then there is no issue.

    I also thinking the update has messed around with the file destination permissions.

    Ill be grateful for any help because trying to explain a plain text file report to my production manager is like trying to explain what i actually do at work to my mrs .If there is no green on the report my production manger is lost.

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    I do not quite understand what you are saying.


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      Did you install new printer ? try to change in the output window, in the printer setup, the pcdmis pdf creator, than try again to save pdf.


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        hi thanks for replying. I will give step by step account
        1.click save print icon
        2.in report output tab I have file output box ticked and output type set yo PDF
        3.click browse and choose location where want file to go ( i have tried different locations from desktop to memory stick but still not working)
        4.Give file name and click save and ok
        5.then when i click ok instead of saving the pdf file it now goes to a diffrent window called output file name.


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          4. give filename with ".pdf" at the end.


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            See this thread


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