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    I'm trying to help my supplier. I've had to send them my programs to run because of lack of experience with their CMM Programmer/Quality engineer. We are not getting near the same measurement on a simple 2.00 measurement from top to bottom in the Z axis. The top point taken has the probe at A=0 B=0 and the bottom point the head is rotated to A=-90 B=90. The two points are straight up and down with each other. The engineer there sent me a photo of the probe profile and I noticed there is an asterisk beside HH-AS8-T5. I've never noticed one on any machine I've used before when everything is correct. Could this be the problem and how do I explain to them how to fix it.
    When our supplier checks the part manually, they get the same reading as I do when using the CMM. There is an issue with their set-up.
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    I'd go back to basics. Delete their probe file, rebuild a fresh one and then step them through how to calibrate it properly. Do a quick check afterwards - measure the cal sphere, origin X, Y & Z then measure again with each different tip angle checking each one give ~0 in X, Y & Z (within the repeatability spec of the machine). Once you're happy with the probe move on to the part. Is it fixtured correctly, are they aligning correctly, are they executing the manual alignment correctly and doing it each time the part is moved or do they have it un-marked etc. Basically it's a process of elimination until you find what they're doing wrong.
    Neil Challinor
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      Thank you for the response, It does makes sense to rebuild the probe profile, I didn't think about that. I will try to talk with them and make these suggestions.I feel part of the issue is they are not fixturing the part correctly and they have little to no CMM experience. I'm pretty sure Hexagon had set her probes up for them when they bought the machine a few months ago. They are nice people and are trying to do well so I don't want this to sound like bashing.

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