taking a slot as 2 circles

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  • taking a slot as 2 circles

    I am taking a slot by taking 2 circles at each end. When i do the circle shapes did not match how I took the hits. (see attached pictures) I clicked on construct a circle so it would show me the hits and they are right. so i created a circle and it created the circle like i thought it should but it was a reverse circle. i have never uses a reverse circle but from what i have read it just reversed the vectors of the circle i took to create this new circle. I was in correct work view when i took the circles so i am not sure why they were coming out incorrect. my questions are:
    1. what is a reverse circle?
    2. what is the advantage of it?
    3. any ideas on what i did wrong to start with?
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    Can you post your code? I would argue that a reverse circle is not useful because a circle is a 2D feature with no orientation (vector).


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        I wouldn't be too concerned that the graphic display window shows the arc a bit off from the points. I'm not sure why it is, but your ACTL values look close enough and not unrealistic. Are you experiencing issues with your results? Are your THEO X and Z values correct?


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          it was giving some dimensions i didn't quite think were right so i started over and before i got to far along i started trying to get the measurements better. this part has "mirror" holes on the other side and they were not mirroring each other dimensionally like they should have been.


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            Did you intentionally create an OD in the construction? You measured ID and constructed OD,
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              I did not intend to create an OD circle from the ID circle that was taken. Since it reversed the vectors i knew it was constructing an outside diameter but since it was not "taking" the constructed circle i left it in to see how it would come out. That is one of the reasons i was asking about why you would construct a reverse circle and what the benefits are?


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                I've never had a need to construct a reverse circle, I know of no benefit it might provide.

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