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  • Questions about Catia translators?

    I do programming for our CMM from a remote location on an offline system and send them to the guys running the machine. We both use 2017R1. The machine software has a Catia translator; my offline does not.

    I had a part with what I think is some screwy datum definitions. I usually import a .STP file of just the model. But I asked our other programmer to get a CatPart from Engineering, import it using the Catia translators, and we would see how it handles the datums; then give me the files.

    He said his 2017 wouldn’t import the version of Catia Engineering gave him and he was told he would need to use 2020. He has 2020 loaded up, but hasn’t been using it yet. I also have 2020, so I asked him just to load it into 2020 and send it to me.

    I got the files and it shows the datum construction, but it doesn’t show any FCF’s. I toggle the icon to show GD&T and it doesn’t do anything. He says he can see them; but I can’t. Do I need to have the translator also to show the FCF’s after he has imported the model from a CatPart and sent me the files?
    CAD++ 2017 R1, Catia Translator
    B&S Xcel, Renishaw PH10MQ

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    Can you compare the license for both installs? You should not need the Catia DCT but you might be missing something else as there are a few options for working with embedded GD&T. The ones that spring to mind are IP measure and GDT Selection but there could be others.
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