Report in excel tab keeps defaulting to Auto index!

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  • Report in excel tab keeps defaulting to Auto index!

    For some reason, I have a program that when I recall it. The report is always defaulting back to Auto index and not Append and show report.
    I hit defaults button and even though it will continue to kick out the excel report...IF I DON'T CLOSE THE PROGRAM.
    Getting annoying. I have seen a few programs do this and I just don't know why. I would submit a ticket but, I'll be retired before I hear back.
    Any of the Guru's have a clue on this one?. i have included what it should look like when correct. However, close it and it defaults to
    AUTO INDEX.....hhhmmmm
    Thanks Gurus!.
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    In the past, I had issues using this window and having my changes "stick" when I backed out of the program and then re-opened it.

    The fix for me was...

    1) Back out of PC DMIS completely.

    2) Right click the program and look at the "properties" of the file. Is it set to read only? The PC DMIS program itself, all the way up the drive it is saved in, must NOT be read only. AND, you must have full admin (or at least the correct credentials set by your IT Dept) in order to make this change.
    I.E., if your prg is saved at "C/BOBSFILES/CMMPROGRAMS/PRG123_REV_A"......EVERYTHING from the C drive itself to "bobsfiles" all the way down to your program must NOT be read only.

    I messed around with permission settings, had multiple remote login sessions with Hex, nothing. I fought with this for a while, IT Dept himmed and hawed about granting me full access...when they finally did, I was all set and haven't had an issue since.
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      Make sure you have your settings as you desire, save the program (not save as), any time you save as you'll have to do the settings again. If you make the settings and close the program before saving the settings are lost.

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