Wanting to add a changer port

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  • Wanting to add a changer port

    Wanting to add a changer port to an existing LSPX1C module changing rack. I can't seem to find any documentation that will walk you through the process.

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    SF7107(PCD), SF454(PCD), 152614(Quindos), 9159(Quindos), 7107(Quindos), B&S Manual, M&M Gear Checker


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      Operation > calibrate/edit > Probe changer > ports > number of ports: "type in your number of ports" > Apply
      *Add you additional port to your machine, you can also move the other ports around however you want them*
      Operation > calibrate/edit > Probe changer > Calibrate > Full calibration > select your currently loaded probe > Calibrate > "follow the prompts"
      this will calibrate the locations of every port so when you move them this will redefine where they are

      Take it slow and read the prompts carefully. It is a bit confusing
      You should be good to go. Let me know if you have any questions


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        You might have to adjust the z a bit. Go Slow!
        It will stick if you throw it hard enough.


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