Scanned Feature Will Not "Complete"

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  • Scanned Feature Will Not "Complete"

    SP25M - B3C-LC - 2019 R2

    Auto feature adaptive cylinder scan will not "complete"

    It will complete when I "test" or when I execute the individual feature, but while running the entire program it will not complete and move onto the next step. IE, if I put a comment or incremental move immediately after the scanned auto feature, it will never get there.

    Any suggestions? I'm lost, and new to analog scanning.

    B&S Globals/7.10.7s/ Zeiss Contura
    PCDMIS v2012MR1/v2010 - Don't Ask lol
    Calypso 5.4

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    What does it to? Does it keep going around the cylinder indefinitely? Does it go partially around and then just sit there? Does it just go so slow you can't wait for it?


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      What are your Settings in the scan?

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        Originally posted by KIRBSTER269 View Post
        What are your Settings in the scan?

        Best settings for linear open continuous scans? I keep getting that my min exceeds the max dialog box. Usually used TP20 touch probes in the past. scan spd? density? any suggestions would be appreciated....


        • KIRBSTER269
          KIRBSTER269 commented
          Editing a comment
          1/4 or smaller, I like to use 2 to 5 for the speed. Trying to whip around a small hole, sometimes to fast errors out, you get up to a 1 inch hole, I'll bump it up 15 to 30. Just sometimes it's a trial and error thing. bigger the hole the more it has to travel and a smoother rotation, because it's not confined into a tight area. Think of it like cuttting a donut with your car, you punch it, and cut the wheels tight, you may not start cutting that donut, where you thought you started, Now think of Nascar, Racing at some top speeds around a huge round track, Ok it's an oval track, but you get what I mean, You can go faster because of the stability you have to work with.

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        Hey JT! did they get you some new analog scan toys?? Here is a (kinda old) doc of settings that may or not help.......


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          Originally posted by sealevel View Post
          Hey JT! did they get you some new analog scan toys?? Here is a (kinda old) doc of settings that may or not help.......

          No, New place has scanning heads on PH10's. Thanks for the info!


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            I've seen that stalling at the end issue on normal scans, when I had all zero's in place for the the "auto move" within the exec controls area.
            It needs to have a value in there as a means of prehit-retract distance of sorts.

            I've never experienced it with an adaptive scan strategy, and i don't think my input above will help in this case.

            The only other thing I could suggest is switching off any void detection, avoidance moves, and ensuring your theo values (coords and vectors) are correct... to see if any of it helps.


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