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    Good morning,

    We imported an IGES file into our program. When we were almost finished, we found a "gap" in the model. See snip. We looked, and we can rewrite this program with a step file, which does not have this gap. We have had other experiences where we used a STEP file, and had to switch to an IGES, because the STEP file had a similar gap. Yes, should have looked the model over more carefully before we started to program, but we didn't. Is there a way we can construct a cylinder, or maybe a generic cylinder at this location with the correct diameter, and then use an auto circle to measure the part feature?

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    import the step file (for whatever reason, when I import a step file, it always ends up on LEVEL 0), then simply grab that small piece of cad, move it to another level, then delete the rest of the step file.
    Originally posted by AndersI
    I've got one from September 2006 (bug ticket) which has finally been fixed in 2013.


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      I would just replace the IGES file with the STEP file and then use transform to line it back up with the existing program. (If the STEP file is complete)


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        Unless you are scanning with Find Noms why does the gap matter?

        Just define the feature numerically.
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          I see this all the time and there is always a work around with features or points. Never would I bother with " fixing " the model. I can see in certain cases where you might have to, but I have never found myself in one. That looks like a lead in a hole / thread. That a deal breaker on your program ? You mention re-writing the program with a step file ? You would just re-import a different model, I hope you just misspoke there and don-t seriously think you need to create a new program.


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            Yeah don't rewrite your program. You can translate models in PCDMIS. why not just select the cylinder where it is? it doesnt look like the gap changes the location of the hole.


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              Wadda deal. That works real good! Did not know I could replace the model. Imported a step file, selected replace existing model, transformed it to fit, and we are all set. Hadn't taken any dimensions yet, and it looks like everywhere took a hit, the probe still hits the same place. All the coordinate values of the hits are still the same. Live and learn. Wow, I've rewritten several programs because of this.

              Thanks so much.


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                Good job! Knowing how to transform/translate your model will help you out a lot in PCD

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                I have learn that when replacing a CAD with in a existing program to do the following.
                Update Nominals from CAD and select ALL, and Reset Measured Values to nominals and select ALL.
                It is located in Operation, Features..

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