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  • Don Ruggieri
    commented on 's reply
    2018 R2 SP13 was a valid release. It just did not have much in it, and we did not document the few fixes that it had. It had a fix to solve a specific customer issue, plus a few more, but we generally felt that most customers would not really benefit from it.

  • ctw00
    I thought I missed a release, but it appears they went from SP12 to SP14 and skipped SP13. Looking again SP13 is listed in the release notes (as Jefman posted), but not available for download? I guess it was just no good.

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    2 out of the 5 are crashes, no surprise there.

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    started a topic 2018 r2 sp14

    2018 r2 sp14


    Release Notes - 2018 R2
    • PCD-199946 - Updated a DLL to fix a software crash that occurred when you
    closed a measurement routine.
    • PCD-201556 - Fixed an issue where new measurement routines couldn't send
    their file name to the HxGN SFx | Asset Management.

    (added this because I don't see the SP13 in the list of sp...)
    Release Notes - 2018 R2
    • PCD-186451 - Fixed an issue where PC-DMIS prevented the clearing of a
    feature list when you selected a new geometric tolerance from the Xact
    Measure dialog box.
    • PCD-189807 - Fixed an issue where PC-DMIS was not able to export ESF
    (VWMP) features to a DMIS file.
    • PCD-195962 - Fixed a software crash that occurred when you performed a
    laser scan in Dual Arm mode.

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