2014 updated to 2020 r1 sp8 issues

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  • 2014 updated to 2020 r1 sp8 issues

    Hi Guys,

    Going from PCDMIS 2014 to 2020 on one of our cmms.

    Why can i no longer click on the left side in my program to get a drop down menu at said area. I can click into the program and start typing to change it, but no drop down menus appear like the used to in 2014.

    Also still cannot figure out why the probe has to retract to the retract value on the screen when programming off CAD model. This is one of the most annoying things. (having to always change my prehit/retract to zero...just to program to make sure i dont shank out the probe) And then making sure I change the prehit/retract back... before running the program.

    Now I know why we havent updated in a long time. Always seem to be going backwards with the updates.

    Are these still an issue in the 2020 R2 software?

    Thanks for the help


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    When you go from version to version, you will have to re-create your menu screen layout/your buttons/dropdows...PCD has always been this way =/

    Retract issue...I set my prehit & retract to 0.0001 while programming. When I'm done with my prg one of the last things I do is go through and correct those parameters to normal operating values. The graphic display window will always show your path lines using the parameters in your edit window (prehit, retract, avoidance move distance(s), sample hits, and a few other things could be influencing what you see). This is how it is designed to work.

    Using the software more & more to familiarize yourself with navigating through the various windows to turn stuff off will help you out. Also, look into the Measurement Strategy Editor, this allows you to save default parameters for autofeatures so when you click your model the autofeature will populate how you want it to automagically.
    The things you described aren't issues, they're normal for the software, just gotta' learn how to work with it

    PCD is a hard software, we'll do our best to help!
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