Naming an Excel Form Report Using a Tracefield?

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  • Naming an Excel Form Report Using a Tracefield?

    I want to use a tracefield to use as part of an excel form report file name. The only options it gives for the file name is part name, date, time, and ser number. The file name I desire is: tracefield_partname_date. My tracefield is actually a part number. I run 2 different parts with the same program. I tried an assignment and to make the ser number equal the tracefield so I could name the file sernumber_partname_date but that didn't work. Did I do that wrong or is there code I could write to accomplish this?
    I'm programming on a Global S 15.30.10 with a HP-S-X1H Scanning Probe, and using 2020 R2.

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    Hello S_Cliff,

    Which version of PC-DMIS are you using? We had implemented the usage of Tracefield in the Excel Form Report file name in version 2020 R2. You may want to look at the below screenshot which I have captured from PC-DMIS 2020 R2? Notice that I can choose the tracefield that I had created in the MR as the output file name.

    This implementation has been done as many of our users have requested the same.

    If you need some help on this, please do let us know. We are happy to help!
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    Krishna Chaitanya Velisetty
    Metrology Software Applications Specialist,
    Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence.


    • S_Cliff
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      cvelisetty I'm running 2019R2 unfortunately. Is there a way to do this in 2019R2?

    • cvelisetty
      cvelisetty commented
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      Hi S_Cliff,

      I am afraid to say that we may not have that feasibility in 2019 R2. Not that I have seen. May be if anybody have tried it, we can learn from them.

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