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  • Lost on datums

    How do I go about programing anything on this part with datum a like this? Untitled.png

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    Untitled.png Also on the same drawing. I just don't understand.
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      Are you sure datum -A- is not defined anywhere else on the print? If so, I would ask your customer for clarification on what feature they want you to use for datum -A-, because it is not clearly defined in the view shown. Datum -C- is the 3.2 width. In ASME, you cannot have zone modifiers on a symmetry callout or a concentricity callout. This looks like an ISO print so I'm not sure, but this may also be an issue.


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        No its not. In fact it actually is on the print in 1 other different spot. I asked the designers what they wanted. The really did not know what they really needed measured. I took it to my boss and he agreed it could not be measured as drawn.

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      I have only encountered an offset Datum like that as a tertiary.
      Measured A, Measured B, Measured the physical C then passed the measured data through a generic feature to always force 'C' to be at the described BSC.

      It was a challenge, but is doable thanks to generic features.


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