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  • Measurement strategy editor

    Hello all! Back at it again with some more PC-Dmis craziness.

    Currently, I have my editor set to default to how I like to measure my features both in DCC and manual. Here's the catch though... Only (some) settings default, others do not.

    Here's my example: for circles in manual mode, I have it set to 3 samples hits, 2mm spacer, 4 hits for the feature, depth at .3mm, avoidance move set to both, 5mm avoidance length, T value set to theo, default to 0.

    When I start a new program, my hits for the feature will be set to 4, depth at .3mm, but everything else will be wrong. And if I started and finished a new program before this one, sometimes my T value will carry over as well.

    Square slots, round slots, vector points and surface points all default to all zeros, even though I have those defaulted to my own settings as well.

    My editor is set to default to my chosen settings, and in the F5 menu, I have 'use strategy editor' enabled.

    Anyone have any suggestions to get this working properly? I assume there is SOME part of this process that I'm missing.

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