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  • Axis alignment problem

    Guys, my hair has been turning white for two days now.
    I need to understand to measure this detail, it is round and there are such slots around the entire circumference. I do not understand how these axes (theoretical and real) depend on each other. And what to do at all. Thanks for any help.

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    the drawing is showing an exaggerated measured/real centre line of +/- 5 minutes (0.0833333 deg) from the theoretical position. Construct the XX axis by measuring the 2 arc centres and constructing a mid point
    construct a line between dia "A" and the mid point. Set the rotation alignment to this line. Measure and report the features associated with this Notch centre.

    Rotate the Alignment by the angle shown, measure the arc centres of this Notch construct the mid point and report the polar angle position should be within the +/- 5 minutes, measure the remaining features and report. Repeat this till all Notches are measured.


    • NinjaBadger
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      Well interpreted, however I have a question

      Why do you say to measure the two arc centres to generate the midpoint, I'd have though the midpoint would be from points B& C at the given radius.

      Also (as I think this is what you meant but it's maybe not clear) he wants to report each midpoint polar angle back to XX' (but rotated by the basic angle) , but then each notch symmetry should be reported to XZ , XU,XS etc

    • UKCMM
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      Well spotted on the arc centre construction, time for new glasses I think

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