Location of plane differs with angle of probe

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  • Location of plane differs with angle of probe

    I'm measuring the position of holes relative to a datum plane A. The holes were measured with a different probe angle from the datum plane (Holes in A90B-90, Plane A A0B0). The holes are measuring out of tolerance, so to double check I measured the same plane but with the tip angle that the holes were measured with (A90B-90).I found a difference of 0.025 mm between the datum plane (measured with A0B0) and newly measure plane (A0B0).

    Our machine was repaired and calibrated last week. All tips are calibrated.
    A0B0 Stddev 0.009
    A90B-90 Stddev 0.008

    Is this to be expected? That seems pretty significant to me and makes me question my measurements. Any troubleshooting tips? Thanks.

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    Qualify A0B0 saying YES the sphere has moved.
    Qualify all other tips saying NO sphere HAS NOT moved.

    Saying YES to A0B0 and NO to all other tips makes PC DMIS understand that A0B0 is your MASTER and all of the other tips will be SLAVE to the MASTER.

    Another common issue...

    Sometimes, people have "READ ONLY" settings from windows preventing the contents of their probefile folder from being updated by PC DMIS.
    Ensure that you have full administrator credentials for PC DMIS within windows and make sure that the folder that holds your probe files alllllllll the way back to the top of the directory that the probefile is stored within, is NOT set to READ ONLY. I.E.... if your probefiles are saved at "C/users/PCDMIS/Bobsfiles/Probefiles" then EVERY SINGLE layer from the "Probefiles" to "Bobsfiles" up to "C" itself all MUST NOT be read only. Click through the files, click properties, and doublecheck this.

    Once you've verified that stuff, check back in and let us know what probe build and touchspeed you're using
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      Seems like a lot of Stddev, mine are usually .003 (metric) or less.

      I us a touchspeed of 2mm/sec and calibrate the probe at the same speed.
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        i get about 0.003-0.004 all around and use 5mm/sec

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      What type of probing are you using? (TTP only I recall 0.01mm being max, Scanning Probe should be less than .002mm)
      What is the .025mm variation from? Are you saying your A0B0 cannot repeat? Are all touches being taken in DCC or is this manual evaluations?
      You may need to increase your calibration hits/level counts to get a better repeatability of your tips.

      No, this should not be expected! DCC evaluations should be able to repeat after wrist rotations.


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        Thank you all for the help.

        I calibrated with the "slave/master" method. Move Speed 200 mm/s, touch 3 mm/s. Running program the same.

        I'm sorry to ask this, I'm still learning PCDMIS. How can I find the probe file location?

        R2ah1ze1l, I don't know where the 0.025mm is coming from, I'm assuming its from a difference in probe angle calibrations. I measured the same feature. This is in DCC. For probe calibration, Number of Hits: 13


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          Your probe files should be saved here

          C:\Users\Public\Documents\Hexagon\PC-DMIS\*YOUR YEAR*


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            F9 the "load" probe inside the program and it will also show the file path on the top of the dialog box.

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          Thank you all for your help. There was some issue with the tip I was using. I swapped it. Now my Stddevs are 0.001-0.002 and the difference in planes 0.003 mm. All good!


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            Is this a dual arm machine?
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