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  • Question about program revision control

    The people in charge here want to install some kind of system to control programs and program revisions. I was wondering how other companies handle this.

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    This comes up every now and then.

    I am the only programmer here and we have only one operator so it isn't a big deal here.

    Your best bet is to somehow protect the programs from being changed and saved. Some have tried burning the programs to a cd. Some store their programs in write protected folders. Some just mark their programs read only.

    There is one problem with all of these. Unless your operators use operator mode, a program can be changed while it is open. They won't be able to save those changes with the same name.

    If you look at the bottom of the page where the similar threads are, there is one down there that goes through some of this stuff.


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      We have a network drive where all of our CMM programs and data are stored. We have a job folder for each part with a unique jobe number. in that folder are four sub folders titled Complete, Incomplete, Obsolete, and Reports. In the Complete sub folder are stored proofed current rev programs. In the incomplete sub folder are stored programs being written. Down rev programs are moved to the Obsolete subfolder and all reports are stored in the Reports sub folder.

      Hope this helps
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        I do it all with a revision number at the end of the program name. I do 99% of the programming, I have 1 operator/programmer on 2nd shift. When I make a new revision, I move it to an "OLD-STUFF' sub-directory, leaving only the current version in the job directory.
        Originally posted by AndersI
        I've got one from September 2006 (bug ticket) which has finally been fixed in 2013.


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          We name our programs using the part number, print revision and program revision. ie 12345-1 B1

          Once a quarter we do a backup and cleanup of the CMM directory.


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            I like Matt have a folder, I named my "Junk" And my programs are name with the latest and greatest Rev Level that is on the Companies Master List of Part Numbers. Does your company have a Master List?
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              I keep all my programs in folders for the model number of the assembly they are used on.
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                I note Customer model used and configuration control info in comments within the program.
                Will use CADinfo feature as soon as we go to V4.2 (I had seen it actually works in V4.1 - lists actual models imported)


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                  You need to purchase a software vault tool. Pc-Dmis saves the latest version of the currently loaded program whenever it closes to the last known directory. Very Bad for revision control.
                  Get serious and read about design control in AS9200 and then see if your company wants to comply. ($$)

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