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  • Probe always goes home

    Since we downloaded 2020R2, every time I do a probe change, I have to make sure that I clear the part, because the probe almost always goes to the home position, before changing to the next probe tip. And, it tends to go to the home position when the new probe comes out of the rack. Is there a reason for this extra movement?

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    In the settings for your probe rack there should be a button called mount position or mount point. Move your probe to where you want it to go before and after changing probes and click that button.


    • Scott D. Haselden
      Scott D. Haselden commented
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      Any idea why it keeps asking me which probe file is loaded? It is almost like the CMM doesn't recall which probe is on the machine, prior to changing.

    • MetsoMetrology
      MetsoMetrology commented
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      I think it asks that when it thinks there's a possibility that the current probe loaded is different from the one currently selected in the program. Of this I'm not sure though, it's been a while since I used a CMM with a probe rack.

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    Looks like another undocumented enhancement.....
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