How to NOT use Xact Measure for True Position

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  • How to NOT use Xact Measure for True Position

    Hi all,

    This may be a stupid question so I apologise in advance but Xact measure is really giving me some grief with regards to True Position.

    I'm measuring a slot and I need to callout the True Position to B & C. B - origin slot. C - rotation slot.

    However, when I put in the datums for TP it literally disappears. No True Position appears, at all. I also do not want to report the slot width and length as part of the TP as I report these separately.

    Is there a way to go back to more traditional TP reporting?

    If it has an influence this is on v2009.

    Thanks in advance.
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    INSERT>DIMENSION>Use Legacy Dimensions
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      Originally posted by neil.challinor View Post
      INSERT>DIMENSION>Use Legacy Dimensions
      Thank you Neil! Knew it'd be something simple.


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        If you’re using Xact measure, you can turn off items you don’t want to report and only report the true position. However, you’ve found your answer.


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          Slots and widths are nasty characters in the world of the Demon, So what I usually do is creating the positions from Generic Circles based off of the hits taken, (I actually go a step further and use Generic Cylinders) Now you make sure you delete the Diameter symbol, because your only reporting the position individually in one direction, and then the other.
          You can check out this thread. It's some extra work, but definitely more accurate.

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