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    V3.7 MR2 - XP SP2
    We have large program with key characteristics mixed in here and there.
    We would like to run the whole program and then write a standard PC D-MIS report of just the keys for the customer.
    Is there any easy fast way of doing this.
    The plan is to eventually goto V4.2 so I did not want to waste much time doing it in V3.7 MR-2 but need to do it now (in V3.7 MR2).

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    You could set the output of the non-key dims to "NONE". Not the best answer but that is what I could think of in a pinch.
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      Run the program with print settings set to print to rtf file. Delete out the stuff you don't need and print.
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        Not an answer to your question, but a little insight/FYI about 4.2

        In 4.0+ the programmer can create a drag and drop customized reportthat is associated only with the particular program it was made for. This seems like the perfect case for that type of application?

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          Thanks for the replys.
          They don't want to edit the report for every part,
          so they opted to copy the program, delete all the features that are not keys.
          And run the key program after running the full program.
          I just thought there must be a better way.
          I know I could make a marked set of the keys in the complete program and re-run it with that marked set, but don't think that would go over well here either.


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            Try a marked set. Mark the whole program then unmark the dimensions you do not want to report. Save as a marked set with an appropriate title
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