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  • Mcosmos-probe calibration results

    Hello Everyone

    I have worked with PC DMIS before and it took me a while to learn about programming by myself as my company didn't want to pay for my training. Now I started working at a new place. I know this is a PC DMIS forum but I know people here have a vast knowledge of programs. As my new place of work have MCOSMOS. I am just wondering is there a way to export probe calibration data from MCOSMOS to excel/pdf file instead of going into probe calibration data window and saving every probe data separately into pdf manually.

    Can someone help me with steps to follow to do this if its possible? Thank you in advance.

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    Completely wrong place! I've used MCOSMOS but can't help you.

    Try the c m m g u y s forum (not allowed to link to it, just google it)
    Automettech - Automated Metrology Technology


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