2019 R2 XactMeasure flipped to reporting zero in linears for bore

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  • 2019 R2 XactMeasure flipped to reporting zero in linears for bore

    I created a program for an engine block that we machine and use a mixture of Legacy and XactMeasure to report features. This program ran fine a for a year or so, but it was brought to my attention that this 1 particular feature call MB was now reporting zeros for the X & Z components of a TP callout. After investigating when this happened, specifically on August 3rd, 2020, it was normal showing deviations from nominal as one would expect. The next day, from August 4th, 2020, on until lasterday it was reporting zero deviation from nominal in the X & Z axis. I opened the program to verify that I had the correct reference frame recalled (I did), looked to see if anything else was amuck (nothing!).

    Crazy. So then I edited the MB's reporting block, verified nothing was out of whack, hit enter to redo the command build. Then ran a part and everything worked correctly.

    What would cause this anomaly? BTW Roundness would change and never show zero as you would expect measuring multiple parts...only the hole linears would show zero

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    Okay, no response from anyone? I'm sure I am not the only one in literally the whole wide world that does not have glitchy crap like this happen. My boss seems to think so.


    • sealevel
      sealevel commented
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      2019 R2 (SPwhat)? I am not stating that updating the SPx will break the good and fix nonsense, but updating the SPx can break the good and fix nonsense.
      ...This program ran fine a for a year or so
      Any chance there is something afoot besides XactMeas? Are you the only programmer? Am not doubting your issue... just stating that cave monkeys can invade from anywhere....
      It IS the Demon, but after a year of running a happy routine, where there any other variables that might have changed?

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    I entered a help ticket with Hexagon about this exact issue. I have programs with 20+ true positions that I have to constantly babysit because they are not coming out correctly. Hexagon is unable to help me because the company I work for doesn't have a current SMA. I have never had issues before 2019 R1, I thought that 2019 R2 would fix it but now I see from your post, it will not. I am going to stop bugging my company to get my $11,000 question answered. I'm going to have to go back to 2018 R2.


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      If 'Fit to Datums' is on it will adjust the position until the deviations are at zero. Fit to datums is great if you just want to know if its a good part or not.


      • vpt.se
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        If you can, post the report showing the TP. Parts might have been so out of nominal earlier that PC-DMIS simply couldn't fit to datums enough to yield a zero deviation, until now (because the parts are closer to nominal).

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