Geo Tol and roundness for bores?

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  • Geo Tol and roundness for bores?

    In 2020 R2 I notice that there is not a way to turn on the reporting of the roundness when one is reporting a bore. We normally do this when reporting bores and threads in ExactMeasure and Legacy because the quality of the resulting roundness tells if the feature was dirty. Is there an embedded setting that maybe I can turn on to show roundness within the 2 linears/diameter/true position block without making a separate reporting block with roundness alone?

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    You can output form with your true position in Legacy, but I don't think you can with Xact (GeoTol).


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      Yup, this I know, but I am trying to avoid that. Xactmeasure in previous versions will allow the programmer to turn on roundness; Geo Tol does not. I wonder if it will be offered in future versions? I wonder why they tried to make it perfect, but left out that key component?


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