Exporting XML for EIQ/ Enterprise IQ/ IQMS

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  • Exporting XML for EIQ/ Enterprise IQ/ IQMS

    Hi All,

    Running PCDMIS 2020 R.2.

    We're having trouble getting an XML file that our new ERP/SPC loader will read.

    We've tried File I/O commands in the program, and using the File=> Export to XML ( which seems to export the whole program code - definitely not what we need) and the XMLSTATS command, all with no great luck.

    At least one file will load a couple measurements. Do we need to be using only Legacy for this to work? or use some code to parse the measurement data out of the FCF?


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    Most likely you need a reader for ERP/SPC loader to put things in a format it understands.


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      Yes, our software (IQMS/ Enterprise IQ) has a loader called SPC Loader. But when we choose the XML files we've generated, we get nothing importing. The best we've done is we got 2 measurements to come in... but we have over 20 in the program.


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        Sounds like spec loader does not read the xml file correctly.


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