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  • Print Commands in version 2018 R2

    We moved some programs from 2012 to 2018, not all our print command that export out a pdf are not working, we just get x2 prompt screens appearing to save the pdf out.

    any ideas why they would work in 2012 and not 2018. I Recreated them in 2018 but still don’t work. What am I missing? TIA
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    Come on chap - give us half a hope of helping you. Code of print commands? Are you passing variables (file paths / serial numbers etc) into them?
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      Liambo734 , have you looked at this thread?

      It talks about several things that could be causing what you described.
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        From a thread....
        You need write access to Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_CONFIG\Software\PC-DMIS 50 Converter in the Registry. Run regedit.exe or talk to IT...


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          There's a folder in your PC-DMIS install directory titled PDFDriverInstallFiles. Follow the instructions in the readme file in that folder and you should be all set.


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