2020 R2 True Position Issue

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  • 2020 R2 True Position Issue

    Using the new version and I have a strange red flag to me at least with my secondary datum deviation. Primary datum is a Cylinder in Xplus work plane, secondary datum is a diameter in Y minus, and tertiary is a diameter in y plus almost directly across from the secondary datum. When I report the true position of datum B to Datum A, it shows no deviation at all for true position, which i know is totally false because it's a sheet metal part that i know for a fact isn't perfect, but when i use legacy then it shows me deviation. Never had this happen in Xact Measure, not sure what the cause for this would be, I can post some code when I get to work tomorrow but, i cant post drawings sadly. Just wondering if anyone had a quick comment.

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    Is Datum A referenced at MMB/LMB?


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      Could you post the code here so that we can take a look?

      Cc: neil.challinor

      Krishna Chaitanya Velisetty
      Metrology Software Applications Specialist,
      Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence.


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        I understand that you can not post the entire drawing but at the very least, I would need to see either a sketch or extracts showing the call-out, datums and features in question - as well as your code.

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