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  • 75mm styli

    Good morning,
    just wondering if 4X75mm carbon fiber styli will work on medium force module.

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    Per Renishaw, the medium force TP20 is good for up to 60mm; however, depending on your part and tolerances, you could do some experiments with a ring gage and gage block to see if the 75mm gives you good numbers. I would expect that you would need to slow down the move speed as well as the touch speed.
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      Make sure you calibrate the tips at the speed you intend to run at as well.


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        If you do testing with the medium force and want to improve the results you're seeing, you could also try an extended force module.
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          I have a part that uses a similar sized styii with an extended force module . Standard Deviations usually are running around 12 to 15 microns. Probe is qualified at A90B90 and A90B-90. Want to use my scanning probe but it has not been validated yet. My understanding is that the scanning probe can handle bigger and long styli.


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            What scanning probe do you have?
            I have one build on our Leitz scanning probe that uses an 8x75 stylus with a 150 carbon fiber extension. I can't run it faster than 200 mm/sec due to the weight and false triggers, but it works well and is very repeatable.

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