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  • Intersecting arcs

    I need to report the location of a point where two arcs intersect. ( I call these arcs, these are circles, or radii if you will ) Can this be done?

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    I would scan the whole surface and use a profile callout. I will always go with the " keep it simple " method.


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      Yes, it's possible. Construct a point using your two radii and choose intersection. If your point is constructed in the wrong spot, you will need to take your hits for one of the radii in the opposite direction.


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        especially demon

      • MetsoMetrology
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        Well he said he needed to report that point where they intersect, which a profile callout will not give him. It may be sketchy, but I've measured smaller segments with consistent results (depending on material and finish). I consider these situations a challenge and am more than happy to bout with the Demon!

      • RandomJerk
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        You don't need to remeasure the circle, you can just create a reversed circle.

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      Yes, that point exists on the CAD if you intersect the two radii.

      However, it looks like it would be a pain in the [email protected] to actually do this on a real part. Those large sweeping radii are really hard to pick up on a CMM.

      I agree with Schlag's surface profile method comment
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        Thanks Guys,

        Because this is a rough casting, the profile thing would be nice. However, my friend in engineering didn't think so, ……….sigh. I'm sure he knows best. I did the reverse circle thing, and came up with the point. Didn't know that could be done.

        Thanks again


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