PC-DMIS 2020R2 – Bug Size Command

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  • PC-DMIS 2020R2 – Bug Size Command

    I have encountered a bug with the size command.
    When creating size commands with ISO codes as the tolerance, the tolerance doesn’t always get calculated correctly.

    See attached pictures.
    In picture 1 the tolerance is -0.011/-0.029.
    In picture 2 the tolerance is -0.009/-0.024.
    The nominal value and the ISO Code is the same.

    When I type in the nominal value again in the edit window the tolerance changes.

    I think its because somewhere after the 6th decimal place the nominal is not exactly 10.
    But I already program with the decimals set to 6 so I don’t know what I can do better here.

    I have this problem in PC-DMIS 2020 R2 & 2019 R2.


    picture 1.png picture 2.png

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    If you think the size is the issue, can you change the size of the feature to 10.00000 instead of the size in the dimension?
    PC-DMIS 2016.0 SP8



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      The command itself is also made with PC-DMIS set to 6 decimal places and also appears to be at exactly 10.
      But yes when I type it in again it also updates the tolerance.

      The problem is, that PC-DMIS doesn't let me see that something is off after the 6th decimal place.
      I program on purpose with 6 decimal places to avoid problems like this.

      Also I don't know why something should be off after the 6th decimal place.


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        Hi Aaron Baldauf , can you share a program that is displaying this error? I'd like to get it to one of our test engineers to investigate.


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          Thank you Neil. I sent you the files.


          • neil.challinor
            neil.challinor commented
            Editing a comment
            Yes, thanks Aaron, I'm looking at them now

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          Hi Aaron Baldauf , your suspicion about the nominal value being greater than 10 was correct. One of our developers took a look and the nominal diameter is 10.000000000010267. This is beyond the resolution visible in the PC-Dmis dialog, edit window or report which is why it displays as exactly 10. We are currently implementing a fix which will round the nominal diameter the nearest Nano-metre (6 decimal places). This fix should make it's way into a future 2020 R2 service pack and 2021 R1.

          As for what caused the nominal to exceed 10 in your case, it is difficult to say. It could be any number of reasons.
          • It might have been created at that size in the original CAD model.
          • It could be a translation error when exporting from the original CAD seat.
          • It could be a translation error when importing into PC-Dmis.
          • It could be due to conversion - If the original model was in Inches but your program is in millimetres for example.


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