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  • 4.2 OOT .rtf dimensions

    I installed 4.2 in my B&S Mistral and I am having trouble getting my "text only"report to show the out of tolerance dimensions in red.
    They show red in the edit window, but I can't find a setting to correct it.
    Any ideas?

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    I have the same problem. In the text only legacy report, all my dimensions are light blue. It's as if they are not marked. In the edit window, everything is marked. I checked the color settings in the report template editor and they were correct...out of tolerance should show as red.

    Does anyone know how to fix this??


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      Can I get a screenshot or something? My stuff has red for OOT? What build of 4.2? TextOnly report template? Or Use Text Mode Dimension Reporting found within the TextOnly report template?

      James Mannes


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        I fixed mine by re-copying and pasting the report template from 4.1 into the 4.2 file. Seems to work so far. I could not get the OOT to show red from the 4.2 file.


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