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  • Nesting flow controls

    Can a group of statements using Select and Case statements be nested in an if/end if statement?
    Never tried this one.

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    I would think so. What is the concept you want to achieve?


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      I have an existing routine that was initially run on one machining center. There are 12 stations in the machine, so they wanted the ability to pull a part from any station and measure it.
      Flow controls fed in through a form are used to control what features are being measured, and at the end there is a select/end select with 12 case statements to give them the corrections for the option they've chosen from the form. Now they are adding additional machining centers with different part fixturing and orientations, but they want the corrections for those as well.
      I'm thinking using if/end if for the machining center selection with the select / case statements being nested within that.


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        I think you should be able to. I don't see any reason why that would not work. You could probably just create your IF statements, then cut your Select Cases out and paste inside the IF statements.


        • BKulpa
          BKulpa commented
          Editing a comment
          That's what I'm going to try, keep you posted.

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