Margin of the report, Help please!!!

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  • Margin of the report, Help please!!!

    Good morning All.

    Hope you are all well and healthy.

    Please see the picture attached. it doesn't matter how i change from the editing reports. My margin still shift to the left.

    any suggestion?

    Thank you in advanced. happy Friday. Margin.JPG

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    Some informations here :


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      Harry_Nguyen :
      In addition to the good link from JEFMAN

      It would help if you mentioned what .RTP (report template) you're using. You can customize everything in the reports. (cooler reports in Calyspo... but that's another story )
      Did someone jasper up the original one?
      The margins you show are not original. (usually everything it the 'reporting' folder are installed along with PC-DMIS and are set to 'read only'.
      Also, you are showing legacy labels......if you hover the cursor over the report you're showing.... you'll see the label title you posted. That label should be opened and see what the margins are set to....
      Here is a few pics... first as normal:


      and one with screwed up margins...

      NOTE: see the properties box?? see the left and right values of your report header RTP.
      THOSE values should be the same as your LABEL values (or approximately)
      Also... when in the Report Window... you can right-click and remove modifications that might have messed thing up......


      Hope this helps.... no tricks, just treats... Happy Halloween


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        Thank you very much sealevel and JEFMAN. Have a great day.


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