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  • export xyz problem - 2019R2 SP7

    Hi all,
    I wrote "problem" in the title, but I'm wondering if "bug" could be used...
    I usually export hits of scans to treat them by myself for different applications (essentially gap (clearance ?) calculation during an assembly).
    In this case, I create a COP with features, and export the COP as xyz.
    For example, I scan a plane, create the plane on the scan, level Z and origin on it, and export the COP in this alignment.
    Values of IJK are not <0,0,1> as I think there should be.
    If I export the scan as XYZ directly, it's the same.
    I noticed also that the XYZ values are not exactly the same, even if the decimal place is the same (some 10^-5 of difference, ok, it's very small, but it should be equal, no ?).
    In the prog, in the right alignment, if I
    ASSIGN/V1=PL1.HIT[1].IJK, the value is the same than the exported one.
    If I
    ASSIGN/V1=PL1.IJK, it gives <0,0,1>

    Am I wrong somewhere ?

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    What kind of scan is it? Laser or probe?

    Is it possible for you to make the program available for testing in other PC-DMIS versions?

    EDIT: Not COP, the program...
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      Probe only...

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