Inserting a Move Point Into An Auto Circle

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  • Inserting a Move Point Into An Auto Circle

    I have a cylindrical part that requires me to perform a wrist change in the middle of an OD circle measurement. The best setup to get all the other dimensions turns the centerline of the cylinder along the x datum. The part is long and skinny, with bulbous ends, and the OD is between them. I would like to use an auto circle to control the hits better. I have a need to control the circle with the first hit being at Y0 beneath the part. Is it possible to insert a move point say, halfway through (when the probe sphere is above the part) that will allow me to raise the probe up, do a wrist change to A90B180, move to clear point, and continue the auto circle where I left off?

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    You can create two separate auto-circles to measure the two "sections" (with the move and wrist change between them) and then build a constructed circle from the two partial autos.


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      You can do this in Measured circles. I am not a huge fan of doing it this way though. If it was me I would just create points and construct a circle

      HIT/BASIC,NORMAL,<0.5,0,0>,<1,0,0>,<0.5,0,0>,USE THEO=YES
      HIT/BASIC,NORMAL,<0.1545,0.4755,0>,<0.309017,0.9510565 ,0>,<0.1545,0.4755,0>,USE THEO=YES
      HIT/BASIC,NORMAL,<-0.4045,0.2939,0>,<-0.809017,0.5877853,0>,<-0.4045,0.2939,0>,USE THEO=YES
      TIP/T1A90B90, SHANKIJK=-1, 0, 0, ANGLE=90
      HIT/BASIC,NORMAL,<-0.4045,-0.2939,0>,<-0.809017,-0.5877853,0>,<-0.4045,-0.2939,0>,USE THEO=YES
      HIT/BASIC,NORMAL,<0.1545,-0.4755,0>,<0.309017,-0.9510565,0>,<0.1545,-0.4755,0>,USE THEO=YES


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        You can insert move points into an auto circle once it is created. Create the circle. Make sure the crash now, I mean measure now button is turned off. Highlight SHOWHITS and turn to yes. Place your cursor at the end of the line of the last hit you want taken before your clearance moves. Hit "control' M and key in the data. Continue until you have all the clearance moves you want.
        You may need to adjust hit targets on the auto circle prior to creating it if there are areas that you won't be able to probe.
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        • RIDER
          RIDER commented
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          Scott D. Haselden I just tried and got the same results that you are getting. It will not allow a tip angle change inside the auto feature.

          If you have to change the tip angle, then you can copy the data from the auto circle hit targets and turn them into vector points. Then delete the auto circle and construct a circle out of the vector points.

        • Scott D. Haselden
          Scott D. Haselden commented
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          That worked. Thanks.

        • LaserJay
          LaserJay commented
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          Yeah, I really believe that creating points then creating a constructed feature is the way to go

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