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  • Disc probe with roller

    Does pcdmis support a disc probe with a roller? If not, can one still be used to probe a groove thickness by turning off probe comp. and how accurate would this be? Any other suggestions?

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    As far as I know rollers can't really be calibrated in Pc-DMIS, but someone with more experience on this might chime in.

    For alternate suggestions, why not use a small star stylus for the thickness measurements?

    Edit: also remember to check if your probe model is capable of ±Z sensing, as not all are able to (TP20 being a common example)
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        I hate bringing up dead threads but maybe one of these will help. Check out post #4 on this one



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          Thanks. I actually stumbled across this one yesterday and saved it. Seems to be the best option. I’m going to give it a try.

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        Sorry, but I've always used a star probe to measure groove widths.
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          Thanks for the reply’s. It’s a small internal groove splitting a 12mm hole. I can fit a small 10mm span star probe but then I don’t have enough travel to reach the groove diameter. I was hoping to get both at the same time. I could reach both if I had an 11mm disc. With a roller.


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