Need to measure distance parallel to z axis in CMM pro.

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  • Need to measure distance parallel to z axis in CMM pro.

    The Datum-A is at -y plane. Datum-A is having a pattern of 4 holes. I want create a line at bottom surface of Datum-A, and measure distance from center of one hole to the line, but this distance is parallel to z axis, not x or y axis. So, I could not measure in the program created in PRG file. Could one of you please let me know how I could have measured the distance in the program with PRG file?

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    You need to change the workplane you are in before evaluating the distance.
    PC-DMIS CAD++ 2o19 R1 SP11


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      So, what will be the work plane?


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        The vector for hole is 0 -1,0 and line at bottom of Datum-A has edge vector 0,0,-1.


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          If datum A is facing Y minus, then use the Y minus workplane. Just think about seeing a distance visually. If you have two holes facing the Y axis and one is above the other along the Z axis, can you see the distance between the holes of you are looking down along the Z axis? No. This is how PC-DMIS "sees" 2D distances and objects.
          PC-DMIS 2016.0 SP8



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          Work plane Yminus. The distance should be along X.


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            Look at the axis system on your part in PCDMIS and then imagine if you took a slice of that part and put it on a comparator what direction would you be looking at to get that dimension. If you are getting a distance in the Zaxis you need to have a workplane in X or Y.
            For X you need Y or Z
            For Y you need X or Z


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