scan won't stop at the end of scan

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  • scan won't stop at the end of scan

    i am doing a line scan and when it hits the stopping point, it keeps on going and won't stop. how can I fix this?

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    Probably have to many crossings. are you talking about Linear Open or Closed scan, or Adaptive?
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      it is a linear open with 0 crossings. that is why I can't figure out why it won't stop.


      • neil.challinor
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        0 crossings would never stop. You need at least 1. Think about it like this. Under Boundary Type, you can select PLANE, SPHERE, CYLINDER or CONE. Whichever you select, imagine a feature of that type (and size if applicable) located at the co-ordinates set by your point 2. It's orientation will be the I,J,K vector defined by the planeVec in the Intial Vectors list. PC-Dmis will keep scanning until the probe has passed through the boundary feature the number of times you have entered under corssings.

      • KIRBSTER269
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        Linear Open at least 1, Linear Closed 2

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