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    Datum A is two opposing planes and Datum B is also two opposing planes, but at 90° to Datum A. Basically, all four sides of the part are datums. Because of that I cannot probe all four sides in a single set up.
    I picked some points on one of the surfaces for Datum A and constructed a plane. Then I picked up some points around the part on the fixture it's sitting on and created a plane and reversed it. After that, I tried to create a constructed width but get an error. See attached below. How can I work around this? Thanks for the help.
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    Which version of PC Dmis are you using? I believe in 2020 you can select more than one feature as a datum.


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      I think the problem is more to do with not being able to probe all of the surfaces. Although it doesn't state so in the help, I suspect you need to use features that you have physically probed rather than constructed features when creating a width. Is there any way you could fixture the part differently in order to allow you access to probe all of the faces?


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        The construct width feature isn't going to work with the reverse plane. You'll need to probe the actual opposing surfaces for the width feature to work.

        The construct width features is very strict in what features it can be constructed from. It won't work with any secondary data that doesn't contain actual hit data such as constructing a reverse plane from another plane or any use of generic features.


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          Originally posted by MetsoMetrology View Post
          Which version of PC Dmis are you using? I believe in 2020 you can select more than one feature as a datum.
          It's 2019 R1


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            I figured out/remembered a workaround.
            I constructed a reverse plane for each individual point taken on the fixture and used reverse planes to create one large best fit, least-square plane. After that, I had no problems constructing a width and assigning it a datum.

            Thanks guys for the input


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