Little bug with rotary... 2019 R2 Sp7

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  • Little bug with rotary... 2019 R2 Sp7

    Hi all,
    Long time that I didn't cry about rotary...
    For now, my rotary is vertically fixed, rotation axis along Y minus., so z axis turns with the rotary, around Y.
    When I want to calibrate a tip on a sphere fixed on the granit, with rotary at a angle <> 0, the cmm drives the tip along the actual z, and not the sphere stem...
    I just have to insert ignorerotab/on before calibration, and /off after, but it's not so cool...

    Have a nice week-end, all !!!!!

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    Did you indicate that the sphere was mounted on the table?


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      No, because it's not


      • Don Ruggieri
        Don Ruggieri commented
        Editing a comment
        Sorry, I missed that detail.

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