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    Hello everyone,
    just wondering how to setup the CMM to retract automatic when I touch surface manually because now when I touch the surface the probe stay there and I have to retract it manually.

    Thanks for the help.

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    F5, Part/Machine tab there is a "Manual Hit Retract" box where you can enter the value. Failing that, just type manretract into the edit window, hit the tab key then type your value. On machines with FDC controllers there is also a manual retract setting in the FDC interface.
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      NOTE: Some controllers do not support the setting of the manual retract value from PC-Dmis as it is a fixed value that can only be changed inside the controller. Sheffield machines are one such example.

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    Older brown and sharpe machines do not support it either. (I actually haven't seen a B&S machine that does support it, that might just be me though)

    Check this out as well. The FDC Control Panel is a pretty useful tool


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