Measuring a Circle with algorithm

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  • Measuring a Circle with algorithm

    Hey Everyone, recently just switched over to RationalDMIS....what are all the algorithms available for measuring a Circle? Is there Least Squares, Max inscribed, and min circumscribed?

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    You switched to RationalDMIS, or from RationalDMIS?

    PC-DMIS has LS, Max-Ins/Min-Circ, Minimum Separation and Fixed Radius.
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      I think RationalDmis is what used to be marketed as OpenDmis in the UK and US. The company I used to work at prior to joining Hexagon were one of the early adopters but it's a long time since I've used it in anger. From memory, they had least squares, max inscribed and min circumscribed but I'm not sure what other options were available. It uses native Dmis code as it's programming language (we were on version 4.0) so I suppose it would support whatever is in the DMIS standard.
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        Thanks guys!!! Much help!


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