2010 MR2 Migrating to Windows 10.

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  • 2010 MR2 Migrating to Windows 10.

    Hello everyone,

    Is there a work around for installing 2010 MR2 to a new Windows 10 computer?

    Right off the bat I get an operating system not supported message.

    Thanks for your time.

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    Microsoft broke a lot of VB6 functionality when they patched the specter and meltdown bugs. Unfortunately the installer for 2013 and older is VB6 based. There most likely will not be any solution.
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      Peter is not wrong. The most direct answer is "can't be done". But . . . .

      We have had limited success with some trickery, having tested a few of these older versions in newer operating systems. Here is something you can try. I realize that the version reference is not exactly what you asked, but it might possibly work if you want to try it with your version.

      Step-by-step guide

      1. Download the PC-DMIS 2015.1 32 bit *x86" installer

      2. Install PC-DMIS 2015.1, which requires no special procedure

      3. Download PC-DMIS 2011 installer ZIP file

      4. Extract the 2011 ZIP file contents to a clean folder location

      5. There are two files to be copied from the installed 2015.1 folder, to replace the same two files in the 2011 extracted folder. These are HASPDINST.EXE and HASPDS_WINDOWS.DLL

      6. Now run the SETUP.EXE from the 2011 extracted folder contents

      7. Once the installation is complete, run PC-DMIS 2011 As Administrator. Remember that this software was designed before the Windows 10 security constraints were put into effect.


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